How do you accept payment?
Everyone prefers cash however, we accept all cash or credit/debit card. You are charged after our services are done. A minimum and maximum quote is given to each customer.

Do you clean windows and wax floors?
Yes we can wax floors, but window cleaning is extra.

Do you deep clean stoves?
Yes, but the cost is separate. Our prices are based on basic cleaning in detail. Deep cleaning on one appliance can take an hour itself if done correctly.  There is a extra charge of $30 per appliance. Therefore, we have to charge a separate price for deep cleaning.

Do you remove heavy furniture like  chairs, and mattresses from the vacant unit?
Unfortunately, we are just a cleaning service and we do not remove heavy furniture. However, we do remove  food, clothing  and trash, from cabinets, drawers, and closets that were left behind.

I have several units that I would like cleaned. Do you offer discounts?
If you are a landlord and would like to contract our business please call 312 888 1792. We do offer monthly membership for Building Owners. 

Do you work on Sundays? 
Yes we work on Saturday & Sundays with two hour minimum. Dumping Trash is extra depending on how much that needs to be remove. WE DO NOT REMOVE HEAVY FURNITURE AT THIS TIME. THIS MAY CHANGE IN THE FUTURE.

What about Pets; can you work around them?
Yes we work around pets, however we noticed that pet owners wait until we finish one room, and place the pets in the finished room. 

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