Sunday, June 15, 2014

6300 North Near Sheridan & Rosemont Shoreline

We received a called from Brandi asking if we can hurry and clean her apartment before she unpacked her boxes. She lived in the beautiful Shoreline Condo with a Balcony facing the lake. Her main concern was the bathroom for she wanted to take a shower immediately. She also wanted us to wipe down the window seals and closet shelves for they were dusty. The kitchen cabinets needed wiped out and shelves needed to be removed for cleaning. The overhead exhaust system really needed to be replaced and we recommended she contact the owner. The tub also needed some plumbing because the water was draining very slow. I sprayed her bathroom down first so the tile can start soaking. We then went into the kitchen and removed all shelving and scrubbed them down with SOS pads. We proceeded scrubbing the shelves, the stove, and the refrigerator which needed light cleaning. Due to the shelving (although it was small) the kitchen took about one hour.We then moved onto the main rooms, wiped down every shelf, and window seal. Finally the bathroom. The bathroom shower tile looked great after soaking. So then, I took my swifter attached a wet cloth and removed the left over buildup from the shower tile. I then scrubbed the remaining buildup from the tile and tub. Her toilet seat needed to be replaced. We made sure we cleaned in and around the remaining appliances. We then swept the bathroom and sanitized the walls and floors. She was super excited that she could FINALLY take shower. The tenant Brandi can be used as a reference if needed.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cleaning in Berwyn, IL

This unit was a two bedroom located in the city of Berwyn.
The unit needed deep cleaning for the tenants lived in the unit for many years. We started in the kitchen for the refrigerator/stove needed deep cleaning. The unit was newly carpeted and freshly painted. We focused on the kitchen cabinets inside and out. Ceiling fans and the radiator needed dusting off and cleaning. We also removed built up stains from underneath the stove and refrigerator. We were asked to remove the trash and mop down the back stairs. It took us about four hours to finish this two bedroom unit. The landlord said he will start showing it as a rental property the very next day. Bill the building manager will be glad to talk to anyone about our work.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

South Loop on Indiana

Today we helped Kevin clean this  beautiful 750 sq ft unit BEFORE he moved into the unit. We started with the kitchen and cleaned the refrigerator by removing all shelves and glass. There were some stains that would not budge but overall it looked and smelled fresh. We then moved on to the the stove and the overhead range. He insisted we cleaned the baseboards and remove the stains/dust from the walls. We then went along the baseboards to make sure we removed all dirt and spills. The bathroom tub needed extra scrubbing and we told Kevin to have the maintenance come and do some plumbing on the tub for the drain needed some TLC. We noticed the ventilator above the sink in the bathroom was filled with dust so we also cleaned the heavily dusted ventilator. His bedroom was carpeted and so we vacuumed and again hit the walls and baseboard. We checked all windows, closets, and helped cleaned his storage. He is now ready to move in!! Thanks Kevin B. and we hope to do business with you again soon.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Almost 4,000 Square Feet!!

Today we cleaned a unit that was almost 4,000 square feet located on Grand Avenue in Chicago. The Condo Unit had four bedrooms/2 full baths and the party was moving out. So as they were packing we were cleaning each room including the bathrooms.

We started at 10am and finished around 1pm. If you are moving out and would like a team to come and clean up each room, including the kitchen and bathroom area please give us a call @ 312 888 1792

Afterward's we stopped at IRAZU for their famous OATMEAL SHAKE!!

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

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